I’ve been seeing a lot of breathless, hyperbolic articles the past five years or so about how “America has never been so divided” and “how can we reach across the aisle and heal our divisions?”

Well, you know, I write a lot about Europe and WWII on here. But I got to thinking about this topic because it’s not true. And I’m doing my very first blog series on this question: When has America been divided in the past, and what can we do about it?

Here’s the short answer: America and the principles on which the government was founded are big enough to take dissent. The story of America is the story of public dissent. At our core, Americans believe the same things.

Right now I’m planning to start this series with a look at the Continental Congress. Yes, even then, divisions in the country were wide but still, a way was found to bridge the gaps. Watch this space!