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Today yet more news broke about collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Which I believe is a connection that should be investigated, though I draw no conclusions and hold out no hope would result in any consequences for perpetrators, if any.

But…I got to thinking.

I think Donald Trump may be the least known president since Ronald Reagan.

I know, I know–wait a minute though.

What do we really know about Trump?

We know the show. We know what he wants us to see.

We know the blustering dumb-seeming guy who doesn’t believe in immigration–yet he hires immigrants to work for him all the time, some of them illegals. And he pretends that his Muslim ban is about safety. But it’s really about being racist.

We know he talks about creating jobs and bringing back coal. But–coal production fell of because of a lack of demand. But–the deal he made with Carrier to keep jobs in Indiana didn’t work, because Carrier is moving the jobs anyway. And it’s pretty early to analyze job creation figures, but he’s telling a LOT of lies about his influence and the latest numbers show that job creating has been slowing down since he took office (source below).

We know that he talks a lot about veterans and how important they are and “thank you for your service.” But he attacked the parents of a Muslim soldier who had died fighting for our country. He got out of serving his country with bone spurs that still allow him to play golf and tennis as much as he wants to. He lobbied the New York government to get the veterans working as vendors away from Trump Tower. His administration proposed drastically cutting benefits to individual veterans, especially disabled ones, while putting more money into privatized care for veterans. And he blocked VoteVets on Twitter, an activist veterans’ organization that has 500,000 members.

We know that he claims not to be anti-Semitic, and pro-Israel, but he didn’t visit the memorial to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. He was the first president to skip this visit since 1989. During his campaign, he opened the doors to noted “white nationalists” such as Steve Bannon, who is now in OUR White House; he suggested the existence of a globalist Jewish conspiracy. And let’s not forget his statement for Holocaust Remembrance Day, which did not even mention Jewish victims.

We know that he claims to “have a great relationship with the blacks.” But–he brought freaking Jeff Sessions into the cabinet. Trump denied any responsibility in hate crimes against blacks after he took office–900 in the first 10 days he was in office. He pretended not to know what the KKK is, and when somebody told him he didn’t disavow their endorsement of his presidential campaign.

He did just pledge $50 million (of our money, not his) to the women entrepreneurs fund which is coincidentally managed by his daughter Ivanka. We know he claims to have respect for women in one breath followed by calling Hillary Clinton “a nasty woman” in the very next breath. And his insults to women are legendary and constant. Not only does he seem to value women only for appearances, he thinks he is justified to say that someone else is too ugly to be considered. Because again, it’s all about the show, what’s on the outside. Meanwhile, he said that women should be punished for having abortions. He got rid of the Equal Pay and Safe Workplaces order which combated wage discrimination–not just for women, but for everyone. He also made it so that anyone pursuing a sexual harassment claim had to go to court, rather than arbitration. And he wants to defund Planned Parenthood, which provides one of the most important services for poor women: detection of cervical cancer. You think your gynecologist is going to see poor women for free? Well, they do at Planned Parenthood.

I have to go give them another donation. Right now.

We know the guy who blunders on about “fake news,” which is a term he uses to refer to journalistic institutions like CNN, CBS, and ABC. Places where, to work there, a certain attention to facts is required. They have people who work there whose job title is Fact Checker. Opinion pieces are clearly labeled. Meanwhile, he holds up places like Breitbart and Fox as real news when nearly all of their reporting is opinion, unverifiable scare stories, and most importantly propaganda.

Propaganda is information, true or not true, that is disseminated in order to change people’s opinions. It’s not about keeping people informed of real, verifiable, solid facts. Its purpose is to shape public opinion. It’s been argued that places like CNN shape public opinion, but again, if it’s real, verifiable, solid fact, the propaganda is in the selection of stories. And story selection for CNN–as it is for any other news outlet–is driven by, what will people pay to see?

And in this case, what we’re paying to see is the President of the United States acting like a toddler. Going places and blundering along with no idea of what he’s talking about.

Here’s what else we know: he and his family are using the Presidency (TM) as a money-making operation. Ivanka advertised a bracelet she wore on 60 Minutes on the White House web site. Melania stayed in New York for several months after the inauguration, at a huge cost to taxpayers. Trump spends tax money for his many, many weekend trips. He makes people visiting him pay to stay at his property in DC. And if his two idiot sons are running his businesses for him with no input from him, I will personally eat all their hats.

I don’t have an answer for all this, and I admit that I have skipped over many, many more areas that he tells lies about every single day. As many of you know, I grew up in Tennessee. where I was often told that what you did was way more important than what you said. But everything out of this man’s mouth is a lie. When caught in a lie, does he own it and say, this is what I should have said? Does he apologize? Why, no. He DOUBLES DOWN. He repeats the lie so often that he thinks it’s the truth.

It’s not the truth. But if you willingly believe a lie over the truth, what does that make you?



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