It’s been a crazy roller-coaster couple of days, hasn’t it?

I’m exhausted. There are so many big things–big ideas, big choices, big stories. It’s almost like the story about this one guy is about all I can handle right now.

I admired Tom Petty because he was true to his talent. And he loved collaborating. And, when his biographer spoke to him about whether he wanted approval over the manuscript, he said no. Because the writer had to say what he wanted to say. Tom Petty had succumbed to drug addiction in his fifties, and he was honest about that–about how easy it was to be pulled into that world, and how hard to get out.

He’s written some of the most emotionally honest lyrics there are. And he apologized for his own stupidity in using the Confederate flag to promote one of his concert tours. The guy was real; warts and all, he was an artist and his art is an inspiration.

So, I’m celebrating Tom Petty today. He had a band he re-formed after nineteen years. Someday, I will finish the Watergate series, and you can all find out how the president got kicked out of office. Or more, how he had the grace and intelligence to know that his presence was tearing the country apart and he took himself out of the equation. I wish we had a guy like Nixon again.

That might be the saddest sentence I’ve ever written.

Meanwhile, be nice to people. Sing some songs. Have some laughs. Drink the good wine and leave the crappy stuff for your in-laws. And listen to this: